Our mission is to create a safe haven for educating children and other interested community members about farming, food production, horses, and other farm animals.



About Dunvegan

Dunvegan Farm, nestled in a secluded corner of Wrentham, Massachusetts, can only be described as a small bit of heaven. Here, the chaos of everyday life evaporates while students and visitors enjoy learning to ride, drive, or simply relax and bond with our family of horses, ponies, miniature donkeys, Skye Terriers and beloved barn cats. Our 23 acres were originally used for growing apples, although most of the old trees have long since returned to the earth. Since moving here in 1984, we have gradually transformed the orchards into pastures, riding rings (including a modest indoor arena), trails, and even some space for organic gardening. Our barn, originally built as a gigantic refrigerator for apples, now houses eleven stalls, a tack room, and several grooming areas. Although there is little we can do to control the overzealous real estate developers who seem determined to fill every inch of open space with energy-consuming McMansions, still we are well enough hidden from view that our animal family at least remains oblivious of the encroaching 21 st century.




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